BEDSLIDE Contractor Grade Pro

In 2010 BEDSLIDE introduced the new CG Pro.


  • 1800lbs capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Full length grab bar with one-handed latching mechanism
  • Perimeter side rails to keep your payload secure
  • Sliding track system for user defined tie down locations
  • 3 locking positions
  • Easy to install and remove

Work Hard, Work Smart

BEDSLIDE is about efficiency. BEDSLIDE is about getting the job done right, with minimum waste of time and energy and maximum results. BEDSLIDE is a better way to access your cargo, turning your entire truck bed into an easy-access, sliding-drawer toolbox.

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42 Responses to BEDSLIDE Contractor Grade Pro

  1. I own a 2009 4×8 Bedslide in stalled in 2002 Chevy Siverado. Are there any plans to offer the “Perimeter side rails” or the “Sliding track system” as a retrofit kit? I would be very interested in a retrofit kit. Lord knows I lose a lot of cargo into the sides of my truck.


    • admin says:

      We currently have no retro kit. However, you can special order just the top deck portion of the BEDSLIDE from a dealer and continue to use the lower frame. This could cost about hlf of the retail price.

  2. Edgar LaFleur says:

    Does IFW have any more info available on the Internet for the CG Pro? Brochures, technical drawings, specs, anything?

  3. greg knight says:

    What are the dimensions on the bed slide? I have a Knapheide utility bed on an F-250 and wanted to make sure it would fit.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Our largest standard size is the 3500 which is 96.5″x49″. However, we do custom sizes for utility beds. We have done them as long as 9′. It would be best to get with a dealer and measure out what you would like. There may be a small up charge for these over sized BEDSLIDES. Let me know your zip and I would be happy to get you a number for a dealer in your area. Thanks!

  4. Neil says:

    I have a 2011 Ford F350 with a tail gate step with the handle. Do you a Bed Slide that will go over the tail gate, because it is a lot thicker than a normal tail gate. Due to the handle for the step. I ask this, because I had a Bed Slide on my 2007 GMC HD. And I loved it, and would like one for my new truck. Also I need this Bed Slide to be in the contractor Grade Pro.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Neil,
      We supply a spacer kit for this. Part Number SK1000. This has become standard to supply these, so just ask your local dealer and they can make sure you get it with purchase of the BEDSLIDE. Thank You!

  5. ron bonham says:

    do you make a RV model or can this be installed in it

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Ron,
      We can make a custom model to fit an RV. Just let us know measurements and we will do it. Feel free to check out the dealer locator and you can work through one of our qualified dealers. Thanks

  6. Chris White (UK) says:

    Hi Jake,

    Just ordered an Izusu Rodeo Double Cab for use here in the UK and having a canopy and bedslide fitted.

    I want to design up some pockets to hold the tools and accessories I carry and need to know the dimensions of the slide for this truck so I can get this designed and made up.



  7. Matt Krucker says:

    I love the new design and features of the Contractor Grade Pro! Is this available for a 2002 Avalanche as well or is my only option the XL model? Is there an option to custom order one to fit my needs?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Matt,
      At present we only offer this model this way. Please stay in touch as we have some new models for 2011 and might have new solutions for you. Thanks

  8. David Morris says:


    I have a 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha. Can a custom bedslide be created with the Contractor Grade Pro features? Thank you.


    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi David,

      We can custom make many sizes. Please call our customer service at 888-807-0099. We can provide you the details and help you to deal with an authorized dealer. Thanks

  9. bear says:

    How far off the top of the corrugated bed of a truck is the Bedslide CG and SR10… aka… height?


  10. Tom Kerian says:

    Hey Jake,

    I searched your site for an FAQ link as I’m sure these ?’s have been asked before but couldn’t find one.

    I’m considering the CG Pro for my new 2010 F-150.
    I’m a finish carpenter, I haul a lot of 4′x8′ sheets of fine plywood. What is the max inside width dimension?

    also, what is the total weight of the CG pro for a 6.5′ truck bed?

    Thanks and Happy New Year.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Tom,

      Your 2010 F-150 BEDSLIDE dimensions will be 75.5″x48.25″ and should be good for the plywood. And the weight of the product is 247lbs. We will have a FAQ page on the new website. It is currently under construction. Check back again next month.


  11. pierre says:

    Hi, where can i find à distributor off bedslide , and how is the price i ve a chevrolet pick up and the rear box made 2500 mm long, have you a solution for, me thanks in advance

  12. John Butch says:

    I just purchased a CG Pro for my new 2011 F150 and am filling out the warrantee card but can not find the serial numbers in the location that the card references. Where are the serial numbers located on the CG Pro?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi John,

      The Serial number is located on the passenger side bottom frame near the bearings. There is another one located on the backside of the faceplate next to the handle.


  13. I purchased a truck with a bedslide already in the bed.I have a problem with the locking mechanism and the slide won’t unlock.please let me in on any secret way to resolve this problem.Gary 407-592-7245 cell

  14. Max Patterson says:

    Hi, I am looking for a bedslide. Do you have a dealer in the Boise Idaho area?


    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Max,

      Check with Custom Truck Accessories – 208-376-1092 and ask for Mike. Let me know if you need another option.


  15. Eddie Foy says:

    I bought one of your bedslides several years ago for my 2004 F150. I also bought the rubber mat. One corner of the plywood has totally disintegrated due to rot. It is kept in a covered bed. What is the warranty on the plywood deck?


    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Eddie,

      We have a 5 year warranty on the older BEDSLIDES. If you can email me the serial number I can see what can be done. Although wear and tear to the plywood is tough to cover. I may however be able to help you get a replacement plywood deck to get it back to new again.

      Thanks – 888.807.0099

  16. Bill Dudley says:

    Hi Do you have any dealers in the UK or europe? thanks Bill

  17. Mark says:

    I am interested in a CP bedslide for my Chevy,crew cab short box. Please let me know the nearest dealer or direct price. I am from Queensbury Tile & Spas, 174 Bay Street, Glens Falls, New York 12801

    Mark Brilling cell # 518-796-0778

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Mark,

      Here are a few options…
      Mac the Knife – 518.798.0872 Chris
      Sunnyside Caps – 518.587.0139 Jeff


  18. Sally Walbert says:

    I’m looking at possibly installing the CG Pro in some of our service trucks. However, I have several questions.

    What is the total dimensions for an 8′ bed? How much bed volume is lost with the install of the CG Pro? What is the total weight of the CG Pro for an 8′ bed?


    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Sally,

      It will be 95.75″x48.25″. The profile from truck bed to surface of the BEDSLIDE is 4 1/2″. and the side rails are 8″ high. The weight of the BEDSLIDE CG Pro is 296lbs. You will love the time savings and productivity a BEDSLIDE will give you. Thanks and let me know if you need more help.

  19. Bill Kowalke says:

    I just bought a 2011 Ford F150 with the 5.5′ bed. Do you have a unit that fits this application? Thanks.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Bill,

      We make all the models to fit this application.
      SR10 – 3150SR
      CG Pro – 3150CG
      BEDSLIDE 500 – 05-6347
      BEDSLIDE 1000 – 10-6347


  20. James T says:

    I am looking to purchase one of your CG Pro units for my 8′ bed on my Chevy Silvardo 2500. Are there any dealers in Houston, Texas area??

  21. Jim Elliott says:

    I just purchased a CG Pro Bedslide from Trucks Plus in Omaha. I asked about some tie down attachments and was told you do not have them. However on you web site video you show some. How can I purchase a set of those tie downs? Also I had the dealer install my Bedslide and they did not mention a warranty registration card. Whats the deal with that?


    Jim Elliott

  22. mac mcpherson says:

    I am looking to put the CG pro in a Superduty E-250 ford van. Will this application work? Also, need a dealer in the Los Angeles, San Gabriel/ San Fernando valley area–Info appreciated.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Mac,

      the CG Pro would be a great model for your van. Check out this dealer. You may need to let them know a size you want and do something custom. But we can do that for you or you can use one of our normal sizes as well.
      Sno Valley Camper Shells
      10334 E. Garvey Ave
      El Monte, CA 91733
      Tel: 626-579-7580


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