• 1200lbs capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Full length grab bar with one-handed latching mechanism
  • Perimeter side rails to keep your payload secure
  • 3 locking positions
  • Easy to install and remove


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82 Responses to BEDSLIDE SR10

  1. Doug says:

    I recently purchased this product and really like. The one thing I was disappointed in though is that there are no tiedown locations. I thought for sure that a product like this would have options for tiedown attachments.

    Any suggestion on the best way to add this. Should I just drill a hole in platform, or are the siderails strong enough to handle tiedowns?

    • admin says:

      I am glad to hear that you like the BEDSLIDE. We have upgraded the CG Pro with tracks for user defined tie down locations.
      For now though I would say you could drill holes in the side rails for the SR10 or older models. If you really need to crank cargo down it would be a better option to attach tie down rings to the deck.
      Customize your BEDSLIDE to work for you. I have seen many creative ideas. Thanks again for using our products. We hope it makes life easier for you.

  2. Ed Wid says:

    Do I understand it’s only 33″ wide? Why is this, when all pick-ups are 48″ from wheel well to wheel well. I’m interested in one that’ll fit my 6’4″ dodge, but would sure want it by 48″

    • admin says:

      Hi Ed,
      The grab bar is 33″ wide. This makes it easy to pull out the BEDSLIDE. The actual width for your truck will be 48.25″. The part you will need is most likely the 3000 model BEDSLIDE. Check with a local dealer on our dealer locator.

  3. Marshall Lerner says:

    Do any holes have to be drilled for a install in a 2010 CHevy Avalanche?

  4. Big Red says:

    Just installed my SR10 BedSlide and so far it is working great. One question though. Have you done any testing to determine what the max weight is that can be placed on the outside end of the bedslide that is fully extended? I’m a pretty big guy and wondered if sitting on the end would cause issues?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Big Red,
      Glad to hear that you like it. In short, we do not have testing for the outside ends. The testing that has been done to support the 1200lbs, is for evenly distributed weight. Please let us know if you ever have any issues with a load. Your feedback helps us to continue to improve our products. Thank you.

  5. Mike Folks says:

    I would like to order this from Costco, but it seems they do not offer the tailgate step spacer [2011 F-350 with tail gate step]How does this spacer work? What happens without it? Is it lifting the roll out platform?


  6. aby says:

    Hi, I am looking at buying one of these for my husband’s truck. His truck has a contractor type topper with 2 full rear doors, therefore he does not have a tailgate. Is a tailgate needed for the slide-out to function properly?
    Thanks, Aby

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Aby,
      He will be very happy with a BEDSLIDE. The doors should have no affect as long as they do not have a smaller opening then the wheel well. Most BEDSLIDES are around 48″ wide. Whoever you buy from can tell you for his truck. So just measure with the doors of the cap open from side to side (or door opening to door opening) and make sure the BEDSLIDE is not wider than that. Thanks!

  7. Christina says:

    My husband and I have a Jumping Jack trailer and tent. I would like to know if a Bedslide could be customized to fit in the bottom of the trailer (12′ wide by 8′ long) to set the tent on in order to ease the removal of the tent (which weighs 250 lbs with its metal frame) when we want to use the trailer for hauling.

  8. Chuck says:

    What is the warranty on the SR10?

  9. Jim Rockford says:

    I’ve owned my slide since 2009 (small handle in front) and have been very happy with it. Recently the pins that stop the deck at different stages, sheered off. (so now my deck slides freely) Do you have replacement parts w/ instructions? (side to side cables, pins, spring,etc.)


    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Jim,
      I will have our customer service contact you via your email to get you some help with this. Thanks so much!

  10. Mark Wilson says:

    I am in need of a new roller. Could you please have your customer service contact me. Thanks

  11. William Van Stockum says:

    I am in need of a couple of new rollers for a bedslide SN# 3500412057671 – small handle 8′

  12. O'D says:

    I had the bedslide installed in my 2010 Cadillac EXT, but did not receive any ducumentation that tells me about how to remove the slide, maintainence etc, can you email me an electronic version of it?



  13. Rob says:

    I have a 2002 GMC yukon XL, do you make a model for my SUV?

  14. Julie says:

    Hi Jake,

    What’s the overall height of the new SR10 model. The old one was 4.5″, correct?


  15. Bob Novak says:

    Your dealer locater tells me there is no such zip code (85705). Zip code 85705 is located in Tucson, Arizona ???

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi Bob,
      Feel free to call Arizona Truck Outfitters 520-624-6975. They are located at 625 N. Stone Ave. Please let me know if I can help further. Thanks

  16. Bill Coffman says:

    I Have a brand new Bed Slide SR10.
    The lock mechanism doe’s not function.
    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get it open?

  17. John H. says:

    I found the Bedslide listed at and was proceeding to order it, however the application for my ’02 Superduty Ford F250 shortbed, your model C3250 Bedslide, was not on the list of 3 models available. Is it correct that you do not provide that model to them? Additionally, is it also correct that if the Bedslide is ordered from Costco it arrives without the plywood base, and I am responsible to buy plywood and install the plywood base with instructions provided in the package? Do the instructions include adding carpeted surface, etc?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hi John,

      First, you are correct that only offers 3 models. However, we are in the process of updating their page for us and it may include more models to choose from. You are also correct that if you purchase from them you will need to also purchase plywood and a surface of your choice. If you have any questions beyond our instructions you can contact our customer service at 888-807-0099. If you would like other options for your BEDSLIDE you can email me at I will be happy to get you with the best place to order from. Thanks

  18. Dan says:

    I drilled 1/2″ holes (with centers 3/4″ down from the top edge) at regular intervals along the siderails, and I’ve been able to use tie-downs for heavy items without any issues.

    Also, my installer apparently broke off a safety stop such that I can rock the slide a bit to the left when it is extended, and I’m waiting to hear back from Luis about getting a replacement. I’d also like to know if I can get a copy of the plans or some kind of diagram so I can see where the stop is supposed to be welded back on to the slide.


  19. Katy Parrish says:

    Do you happen to have an application chart or literature available on this product? I have a retail store but it’s hard to find part numbers for your stuff to order it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  20. Dan says:

    Received replacement safety stops from production mgr Steve Robinson via Luis. Now I just have to find someone to weld it on to my bedslide for me. Thanks, Luis!

  21. Paul says:


    I recently had an SR10 installed in my 2011 Chevy Silverado long bed. I’m not sure they installed it right. It looks like they bolted through the front of the truck bed into the cab. Now when the truck bed moves from regular driving, there’s a very annoying squeak. Also, they didn’t bolt down the middle cross bar of the track and when you pull out the bedslide the track flexes.

    Can you email me an installation manual?


  22. Greg says:

    Is there a Bedslide for Suburban’s ??

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Greg,
      07-11 is the SUV5207SR for the SR10, SUV5207CGP for the CG Pro. Ready now.
      New products will be available in February. Thanks

  23. Ron Fleming says:

    I installed a Bed Slide in a Command truck which has a Truck Vault on it with fire extinguishers and rescue tools it was pretty hard to slide out at first the weight was probably at max but now it will not pull out at all the lock seams to work but it will not slide any suggestions ?

  24. S Dane Scott says:

    I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Crew Cab with the 6.5′ bed. I have a fiberglass shell on it and need a better way to access and organize the cargo I have. I have found a few models online,, etc with some pricing variations. I know that the Costco version does not include the plywood. It seems to be about $200 cheaper than anywhere I have found online. Is this a different product? One of the photos shows it being the SR10. Any sites, suggestions and recommendations would be appreciated. I am VERY interested in this product and placing an order. THANKS

  25. Jim Feiler says:

    I would like to find a bed slide for a 2010 F150 FTX. Where can I find a list of retailers?

  26. DARREN says:

    Would like the nearest dealer to zip 49866. this is Negaunee Mi.
    Thanks Darren

  27. Art says:

    Can you send specs and measurements and how to purchase a slide.
    Thank you,

  28. Lee Hollenshead says:

    Interested in purchasing bedslide for 2010 Silverado 8′ bed. Truck came with bedliner-does the bedliner need to be removed to install bedslide?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Lee,

      You need the OCD3500 and the Bedliner can stay. You will also need the SK2000 Spacer Kit so that the BEDSLIDE clears the tailgate.


  29. chet says:

    I am building a custom toolbox for my truck and am considering a bedslide for the base of a bed drawer. I was hoping to find overall dimensions of the sr 10 eg; hight from floor to deck, overall outside width, and overall length (how short can the cabinet this fits inside be)?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Chet,

      The height is 4 1/2″ from the truck bed to the surface of the BEDSLIDE. The other dimensions depend on what truck you have. We tend to get about as close to 1/4″ from each side of the wheel wells and from the tailgate. Let me know your truck and I get you the exact dimensions.


  30. Len says:

    I would like the part number for an SR10 bedslide for a 2004 Toyota Tundra crew cab (full 4 dr) pick up. What is the overall length and width of the unit?

  31. tim says:

    very poor website, looking for specs and installation guide for sr10 slide for my 2008 ford ranger with platic bed liner,even dealers i spoke to couldnt get it off website

  32. Mike says:

    Why is it taking 3 weeks just to get one of these? I would buy one today, but no one can sell me one, and I can’t wait 3 weeks.

  33. scott says:

    I am in construction and have used the bedslide for some time now. I am most likely over loading it. The bearings blowout after about two years. Is there a heavier duty replacement bearing available.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Scott,

      Glad to hear that you are putting the BEDSLIDE to good use. We are now using Cam-Roller bearings in the new BEDSLIDE 1000 which is much better but with the way the CG Pro is made it will not cross over. I wish I could help on this one, but I don’t have another option for you now.


  34. Jim Newton says:

    I installed a bedslide in my 2000 F-250 CC 4×4 short bed pickup about 10 years ago. It has served me well. The only “problem” we have had is squeaking, especially when lightly loaded. I have greased the rails and that helps for a time, but the squeak seems to return after a few months. Guess I’ll have to keep the sliding rear window closed (heh).
    Good product!

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Jim,

      10 years and still going strong, great! One thing I would suggest, if not already done, is to bolt it down in the cross members.
      Since the BEDSLIDE is normally installed with two pins in the rear and one straight down it can squeak there as well. Bolting it should help.


  35. Timothy says:

    Just bought the sr10 and love it but have one problem. If I put more than 200 lbs on the slide it is pulling up the lock pen on the center beam near the tailgate. When this happens the slide catches the pin damages the under rail and makes it very hard to close. I have to use a lot of strength to lift the slide over the pin. My dealer says he does not know how to fix it. The proplem seems to be that all the weight sits in the center frame and not the outer rails. Like most trucks my 2005 Nissan Titan has channels in the bed, but the outer frame of my bedslide sits sits over the channels so all the weight is on the inner weaker frame. Can anything be done about this?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Timothy,

      The best solution is to bolt down the BEDSLIDE. The pin install makes for easy removal, but bolting it in should correct this.


  36. DANNY FRUGE says:


  37. Ken says:

    Where can I buy replacement bearings for my bedslide?

    I’m not sure what model I have (can’t find a model number anywhere on it).

  38. Bob Novak says:

    How about a “tilting” bedslide? I had a bedslide for about a year now, excellent accessory for an “older guy”.

  39. Ken says:

    If anyone needs bearings for their contractor grade SR10, the bearing number is 5203RS. You can find them online. Also, if you are under warranty, Bedslide will send them to you free, but only if you have already taken the unit apart and counted how many of the 8 are broken. 3 of mine were broken.

    Tips: The instructions say you can remove the bottom bearings, then lift the bedslide out. Not! I couldn’t get it out without taking the whole deck off first. It was a pain in the butt.

    Additionally, the bearings on the top frame are attached with carriage bolts, so you will have to cut the old bolts off to get to the broken bearings and replace them. Be prepared to make a trip to the hardward store to buy new bolts and be sure to plan on several hours to complete the job.

    In the end, it was worth the effort as the slide now works great! I hope this info helps.

  40. brian says:

    thinking about getting a bedslide for my 2005 avalanche, can you tell me what dealers are near me. im in shreveport, louisiana

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Brian,

      Check out,
      Ricks Pro Truck
      750 South Professional Drive
      Shreveport, LA 71105
      Tel: 318-797-5900


  41. Geremey says:

    I need a replacement roller for bedslide. Please help

  42. Todd says:

    I need to get the low profile bedslide for my 2010 Avalanche. Do you have anyone that carries that in ocean county nj? TKS

  43. Larry Randall says:

    Just had an 800EXT installed in a 2013 Avalanche. No documentation on how to remove top slide from bottom and how to maintain, I.e. lube/greasing bearings. Can you supply via email please.


  44. Ron Kramer says:

    Do you have to remove the slide bed from the frame to replace the front roller bearings?

  45. Sara Watson says:

    Where can I get a replacement handle for the latch? Mine apparently just broke off somewhere. Not sure what happened, but it is missing. The rod underneath appears to be ok. I just need a new handle that will turn the rod.

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