• 500lbs capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Lowest profile (3 ½”)
  • Full width grab bar with dual pin latching mechanism
  • Perimeter side rails to keep your payload secure
  • Locking positions every 12 inches
  • Easy to install and remove
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14 Responses to BEDSLIDE 500

  1. Ben says:

    Can I get the 500 model with higher side rails that run the full length of the bed slide? I don’t need to haul much weight, but I need to contain everything that I will be hauling. Thanks.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Ben,

      At this time, you would need to go with the SR10. We can make this for any truck with up to 12″ side rails. You will pay a bit more for the custom side rails but we can do it. Just have you dealer order this custom.


  2. Rod Martin says:

    I saw one of your products recently at a shooting match…where can I get the details? Cost, options, intall details, dealers, etc.?

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Rod,

      Here are the MSRP’s for the BEDSLIDES
      BEDSLIDE 500 – $599.00
      SR10 – $799.00
      BEDSLIDE 1000 – $999.00
      CG Pro – $1299.00

      Install will depend on your dealer. Please let me know your zip code and I can lead you to the best place to buy. You can also email me if you like.


  3. Graeme Mealor says:

    Do you have a UK dealer for Bedslide? Or would you ship to the UK?

  4. Graeme Mealor says:

    The bedslides in the UK are different? Do you export the new bedslide 500 featured above? Looks a lot more robust and higher sides. Not really interested in UK model.

    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey Graeme,

      We do not have the new models shipping to the UK just yet. These are only being produced in the US sizes. However, we will release these models in UK sizes this year. We will be issuing a press release with these dates.


  5. Ward Joy says:

    Where can I find a dealer since your site says under construction. I am in So. CA.

  6. John Vidrine says:

    Can I order a Bed Slide 500 direct from you? or who would you send me to area code 70503 Lafayette, LA or

    area code 16901 Wellsboro, PA.


    • Jake Plappert says:

      Hey John,

      You can contact,
      Alty Camper Tops & Truck Accessories
      6715 Johnston St.
      Lafayette, LA 70503
      Tel: 337-984-2223
      Trux Outfitter
      223 Elmira Rd.
      Ithaca, NY 14850
      Tel: 607-697-0011


  7. Drew Valk says:

    I really would like a bedslide500 for my Ford Explorer Sport Tract because of the low profile and easier access to my rear side storage compartments. I don’t see them available online. Any possibility of getting one for my Sport Trac?

    • BEDSLIDE says:

      Hey Drew,

      We currently have not released more part numbers for the 500 model. However, the BEDSLIDE 1000 or SR10 will be at a 4 1/2″ profile and are available for your Ford Sport Trac. The BEDSLIDE 1000 has all the top features and would be the best option for you.


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