Living the BEDSLIDE Life - TFL Productions

TFL Productions is an outdoor lifestyle company that has built a large following of hunters and non-hunters through its different brands that are on TV, social media, podcasts and other media channels outlets. From waterfowl hunting, big game hunting, turkey hunting, wildgame cooking and more, TFL influences a diverse audience.

This diversity serves LEER and BEDSLIDE well as TFL has been a brand ambassador since 2019. TFL has taken LEER and BEDSLIDE on duck hunts, guys’ weekends, concert events, outdoor adventures, and more – including season 13 of the Fowl Life television show on the Outdoor Channel.

We at LEER are proud to work with everyone at TFL Productions. We recognized that the Fowl Life is a trusted source for waterfowl hunting gear advice, conservation advocacy and entertaining stories with world class hunting videos and photography.

According to TFL’s Chad Belding, “We look forward to elevating our partners by aligning our passions with the brands and products we believe in. Our success comes from being LEER’s targeted customers as we live that lifestyle on a daily basis.”

Thanks Chad and everyone at The Fowl Life for living the LEER Life!

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